Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Whatever the sector of manufacturing, the business is changing fast. All companies have to deal with that fast-paced change to stay ahead of the curve. Our electrical systems engineers and manufacturing consultants service can help you navigate your way to maintain margins and remain competitive.

From industrial automation to finding the best industrial control systems, our manufacturing consultancy service has the expertise you need for success. We can work with clients such as global manufacturers to aerospace and logistics businesses. We have the systems design and integration knowledge for working with many sectors.

We can help you use the latest innovations in the industry, including manufacturing robots, automation technology, and digitisation. Working with you, we can procure the right technology and personnel so that your operation remains efficient and highly competitive. 

Our manufacturing engineering team can help with

System Requirements

System Modelling

System Design

Product Development

Professional manufacturing engineering experts

We work on new business models and help businesses reduce manufacturing costs while maximising efficiency. Our extensive electronic systems knowledge allows us to create bespoke manufacturing automation solutions for clients of all sizes.

When you choose EES Solutions, you get access to the latest innovations in factory automation. Our specialists in automated production can assist you with your new project at all stages. Whether you are currently interested in upgrading your manufacturing processes or require the latest in automated production systems, we can help.

Our team can help you:


  • Identifying ways to save costs
  • Increasing value from supply chains
  • Using technology to deliver innovative products
  • Increasing performance and quality from existing processes
  • Solving system problems
  • System design

Why choose EES for manufacturing automation systems?

From Concept to Project Delivery

As the manufacturing systems engineering company businesses trust with their processes, we can help you achieve your goals. By working with you throughout the process, you have the peace of mind that you are working with partners that want you to get the best results.


Manufacturing Recruitment Specialists

Working on everything from creating more sustainable products to identifying manufacturing processes for improvement, we can help you. We are technical recruitment specialists too so we can help you find the right team member for your new scheme.

Expert Manufacturing Assistance

If you require assistance with production automation, manufacturing systems consultancy or technical recruitment assistance, contact us today.

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If you need help with a new project or require our manufacturing consultants to assist with an ongoing process, contact us today. We can also assist with advanced product quality planning (APQP), value analysis and value engineering, coaching and recruitment.

“Everything we do is underpinned by our unique Systems Engineering process.”

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