Actionable engineering ideas

Supporting clients through generating and filtering ideas to creating comprehensive technology roadmaps.

We all have big ideas, but not all of them are actionable. Primarily as an electrical engineering consultancy, EES has supported the generation of client technology road maps. Our approach and expertise enable the development of multiple concepts. We can filter ideas for suitability as saleable future products and will thoroughly analyse the customer experience.

Generating new ideas is essential to keep competitive, but not all of them are viable. By looking at the full picture through comprehensive roadmaps, potential success or failure is identifiable. Before investing significant capital into a new technology or product stream, a thorough analysis is critical.

Extensive experience and the essential tools for analysis means our team can filter ideas. Taking the concept through developmental stages with our technology roadmaps provide all the information you need.

By developing a comprehensive technology roadmap, we can provide essential information on any new concept or possible product solution. Taking a flexible approach to achieve strategic plans within your organisation, this way, saves money. You can plan and co-ordinate developments within a framework, keeping everyone on the same page.

An EES technology roadmap will help you to:

  • Identify strategic needs and identify technology to achieve those goals
  • Forecast development requirements and plan the steps of implementation
  • Map the development and analyse the effectiveness of new concepts

One of our key clients benefited from the definition of more than 300 new features. Through coaching, facilitation, authoring, and peer-reviewing, these features are now part of the majority of their new vehicles. Our expert team can help you too. The team can work with all of those that work at each stage of the process from ideas generation to end-to-end testing. We can provide coaching and support at all levels.

Everything we do has a focus on a unique engineering systems approach. So whatever the concept, our team has the knowledge to bring it to fruition with you.

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