Engineering consultancy

Working with you to understand your requirements, EES Consulting delivers complete engineering consulting solutions for complex technical problems, using a systems engineering approach.

Forcing the boundaries of possibilities in sustainable ways.

Engineering expertise

EES delivers a bespoke engineering solution for you, moving you on with fresh perspective, so you get it right quickly, first and every time.

Thanks to our long-standing industry experience, we understand your language – whether you operate with rail, automotive, energy or defence. We encompass all areas of the design and delivery lifecycle – from the lightbulb moment to a fully validated design ready for production.

We work with you to develop and deliver your system or product – from requirement generation, system definition, system modelling and productive development through to validation and verification.

Our engineering services


Systems engineering

The EES toolkit develops your ‘light bulb idea to a fully defined solution. 

80% of faults found in testing or in service could be traced back to loosely defined requirementsEES has created a Systems Engineering Toolkit – a systematic approach – which tightly defines and develops your concept through to production.

The greatest impact on effective product design can be made at this requirement capture stage of the design lifecycle. We have simplified this complex process into manageable steps for your business.

The system promotes and provides a robust and structured approach to systems development. Supported by a set of processes, methods, tools, and templates, it enables engineers to first understand the needs, then manage and develop a solution to cover all of the product lifecycle, ‘from cradle to grave’. Traceability and controlled change management are at the system’s core.

End-to-end testing

EES has a range of solutions to test your systems, including the design and build of both software and hardware in the loop test rigs (both manual and auto-test). EES test rigs include dSPACE and National Instrument based systems to simulate the intended environment to validate, for example:


  • Multi-screen hardware, software and HMI, including image fault recognition
  • ADAS system HMI interfaces
  • Navigation system HMI
  • After rig build and commissioning we undertake the hardware and software testing on behalf of our clients. In addition, we analyse the test data, interpret the results and offer advice on the resolution.

Innovation consultancy

We facilitated workshops generating hundreds of saleable ideas for our customers leaving them with a documented definition for each one that delivery teams could use to develop them into product.

Engineering consultancy

Our team helps you to force the boundaries of possibilities so you can thrive.

Whether you require our expertise to integrate complex systems near the completion of your project, or you need our assistance from the very beginning, you can rely on EES to give you a fresh perspective and find the right solution quickly, first and every time.

With our wealth of expertise across a plethora of industries, our talented team can dissect your problems, help you with an alternative solution if required, and provide you with a successful outcome.

Realise your engineering design opportunities, or deliver your engineering project, with EES.

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